Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-04-01

Today's book scavenger hunt is really a special one as our old website was corrupted yesterday due to an attempt to upgrade to a secure website (required by Google Chrome now to show the lovely padlock icon in the web address bar). Due to the crash we are forced to work with our friend KW to bring this issue of book scavenger hunt to you. Hopefully by switching to this secure eCommerce website we can bring higher security/safety for your peace of mind!

Please let me know how you like the new book scavenger hunt. The eCommerce store is not yet finished so it is currently remain hidden but we will announce once it is opened. For sure there will be lots of great romantic unique items that can help improve your own romantic/love life ^_^

Here is our first featured romance which is sooooo HOT, you don't want to miss it


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Warning - Do Not Drink in Vegas. 
May cause you to wake up married next to a domineering billionaire... 
Jace Parker, the sexy jerk that broke my heart. 
The man that took my virginity. 
It's been years since we've seen one another. 
I can't believe a Help Wanted ad led me back to him. 
And that I was desperate enough to take the job as his secretary. 
Now the cocky Adonis has me right under his command. 
Just like he always wanted. 
A Vegas trip with him? 

I should have drawn the line...

 Now there are a few accidental surprises I didn't bargain for.

Including being knocked up by my boss!


She’s always despised me. But I need her to say yes.

My grandfather’s dying wish is to see one of his grandsons engaged.
It’s so important to him that he makes it into a contest between us. 
The first one to become betrothed will inherit his entire fortune. 
I have to win; I always do. 
So, I ask my best friend’s little sister to pretend to be my fiancée.
It’s just a mutually beneficial sham for my childhood enemy and me. 
Until I accidentally see her topless. 
Then I can’t get her out of my mind.
But there’s no way my heart’s getting involved. Right?

I abhor him. But he can help me out.

My strict, religious parents are always breathing down my neck.
They think I should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen by now.
Meanwhile, I just want to enjoy a normal college experience.
Brent says he needs a fake fiancée to win a competition.
It’s something only my older brother’s ridiculously cocky best friend would do.
But it could get my parents off my back about my lifestyle choices.
There’s no other reason I want him to fake propose to me, though.
It has nothing to do with the fact that he makes me blush. Right?

Is our scheme so good that we’re fooling ourselves too? 
Or is getting fake engaged the best real thing to happen to us?


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