Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-04-22

This is yet another hot reading week for you. I just timed myself on time spent to prepare for the last couple blogs...  each take 1~2 hours of my time!

So let my effort wasted please. Let me help you find that dirt-cheap golden books you have tried taken your own time to look for.

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Without further ado, let's dive in to this issue of scavenger hunt :)

I can’t believe I kissed my boss! And I didn’t even know it was him.

When I started my new job as the social media manager for Alchemy Enterprises, I had no idea who my sexy rich “American” management consultant was.

There was something strange about the way he spoke. I felt drawn to him but thought he was hiding something.

He is supposed to be American but he had an foreign accent. Something was off and I had to find out what it was.

Even when I found out who he was I knew he was off limits but I couldn’t resist. Those eyes… that smile… I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right.

I knew I should stop…but could I?

He is a self-absorbed, demanding jerk.

Or at least, he used to be.

I was sure I did the right thing when I walked out all those years ago.Sure, I missed those piercing eyes and dark curls? Yeah. His heated kisses and strong hands? Oh yeah.

He’s the billionaire heir to Atherton Diamonds and was my first love before he became hell bent on partying with super models and cared more about his looks than helping people.

I moved on. Made something meaningful out of my life. I run an orphanage in Botswana where I create a home for AIDS stricken families including little Oba who just lost his mother.It’s been 10 years but now everything has come apart when Andrew literally crashes back into my life.

He says he’s changed. He’s not the same self-absorbed pretty boy I knew.

He says he wants to help me, missed me, never should have let me go.

That’s great, but his life is in New York and what will happen when I tell him I’m carrying his baby?

I found her bleeding out, stuck in a bear trap.
I'm crazy to try to save her... Because it's my story she's chasing.
She wants the headline:

But there's a reason no one has seen me.
It's because I don't want to be found.
Until she turns up with her gorgeous curves and coy smiles.
Smart, adventurous, brave. And damn gorgeous even wearing my old t-shirt.
The heat between us is threatening to thaw my resolve.
She thinks she can tame me.
I might be ready to let her.
I'll make her mine, over and over again.


He’ll go to any lengths to protect me. Even the unthinkable.

He’s a beast. An executioner.

When I learned his dark secret, he took me.
Now I’m his plaything.

The woman who could bring him down, but instead he’s bringing me to my knees.
His eyes tell me he’ll keep me safe, but that doesn’t mean I can trust him.

Especially now that my father’s cartel is after us.
And they will do everything to get me back.

But Hunter will never let me go, and part of me doesn’t want him to.
My brain keeps telling me what we’re doing is wrong, but my body says it’s deliciously dangerous.

I want more.

I want more than Hunter’s body, I want his heart.

But can something so dark ever be tamed?


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