Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-05-03

This weekend I have to decide what I will need to get for my mother on Mother's Day. Last year it was an Amazon Echo because of of you suggested. Maybe I will pay for her new hobby   LOL... really no kidding. She has been playing Candy Crush for quite awhile now. I know Mother's Day is not for everyone, but I just discovered that Amazon has this very nice tried and true most wished catalog called Amazon Most Wished For... I think I will just bookmark this page for future gift ideas from stuff for my old folks to my son. Check it out here in case you do not know what you can gift through out the year and you will most likely find a good fit in the shortest amount of your precious time!

Back to what we love the most... spicy romance! Oh yeah, plenty this week because I am preparing for the release of a new book but haven't decided how I should do it this time, Amazon only or sell it through KW's store which is pretty empty by the way except a corner guard that KW has been testing on. Anyway, funny as it looks, let's start with Lindsey Hart's Taking It with Mr. Nightshadow. It has been a long while since I mention about her book and this is a good 4.5 star romance. Check it out!

He was a stranger, but he agreed to be my one-day boyfriend.
His Username? Mr NightShadow
His occupation? I don’t know.
The reason he agreed to my request? I have no idea.
I don’t know anything about him except that he was pure walking sin.
He made my heart beat crazy fast.
His touch sizzled against my skin.
What will I do when it’s all over?

Sixty Days. That's all she wants from me.
Not even a full semester.
Rose Allison wants me to be her dom for two months, and then she's done with me. She wants me to show her how to be the perfect little submissive and then move on.
But the thing is, sixty days isn't nearly enough for me. Once I get started, I have to finish her.
There's just one big problem.
She's a student. I'm her professor. Our romance isn't exactly in line with school policy.
Sure, you've heard of student teacher romances before.
Except this one has an ending no one saw coming.
Not even me.


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