Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-05-10

The Denver school shooting completely messed up my writing routine so I will have to reschedule to catch up and hopefully my new adult romance (hasn't got a title yet) can be going live somewhere near late May. 

Enough of me writing. Let's dive in. We will start with a very hot and naughty romance Those 365 Letters by Mia Ford.

I thought I’d loved and lost.
But the man of my dreams is back into my life.
He’s not just a billionaire.
He’s also the hottest man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
It didn’t work out the first time around.
My life was in shambles.
And circumstances tore us apart.
Landon sent me letters even after we’d broken up.
Today, he’s as tempting as he used to be back then.
Those deep, intrusive eyes.
That ever-so-charming smile.
And the same ambition to conquer the world.
I think I might fall in love with him all over again.
But something tells me that I’m setting myself up for disaster.
I’d be devastated if my heart broke again.
So, is it better to let the past stay in the past?

I hate him. I want him. I can't stop thinking about him.
The bad boy next door.
My number one sworn enemy.

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