Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-05-17

How crazy it can be? KW of Liquid Crayon Design has re-done my cover for my previously published new adult romance Fate. I am putting it as the featured image for this issue of blog. Check it out. I have redone the blurb as well so it is more upbeat and fresh. Hope that new readers will like one of my best story published so far.

They say running away won’t solve your problem.
Well, it solved mine.

No more crazy divorce couples to deal with in Boston.
No more harassments from female clients.
No more law practices just for $$$.

First day in L.A. and this gorgeous natural beauty is already hitting me in the bar.
I must be in luck. bright golden-brown eyes, and delicate ivory skin.
That curves… mmm… completely excite me.

Wait, she ran all the way here from Boston?
To be away from some marriage her father tried to arrange?!

I cannot resist but to help her out so she doesn’t need to marry this old f*ck named Barnaby.

Even if it means dealing with Boston’s most notorious crime family DiFaba.

Why that that name sounds so familiar, to me?

What do I do when I start to fall in love with my best friend?
What should I do when I know he deserves more?

Danny has always been there to lean on.
But friends is all we can be.
I’ve been hurt too much in the past to trust anyone with my heart now.
Some women don’t have prince charmings.
The glass slipper doesn’t always fit,
And fairy godmothers do not exist.
But then he saves me and we get stuck on a mountain.
Confronted with my feelings, I see there is nowhere to run.
A blizzard rages outside as a hurricane breaks within me.
Danny is determined to end the games and take what he wants.
And, he wants Rose.

A friendship that has stood the test of time, a record-breaking blizzard, and news that will rock a small town to its very core. What can they do when their rock begins to crumble?

"We were in uniform when we met – a lifetime ago, in a stony mountain hellscape called Afghanistan. Our passion was against regulations, but we knew every moment together could be our last, so we held on even tighter.
One night, under enemy fire, he swore he'd always love me.
Then life slammed the door in our faces, and we went our separate ways.

He put his lethal skills to work in the private security field. I went into the twisted minefield of politics, hoping to make the world a better place.

Now someone is trying to assassinate me – someone with the wealth, resources, and ruthlessness to make it happen. And once again, my old lover is the only thing standing between me and the grave.

He's still the only one who can light a fire in my soul, making me burn with desire.

We're destined to share a bed, a bullet...or both."

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