Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-05-24

For sometime now it seems like many people are just interested in the real content (who doesn't). So I am going to cut short and just provide you with good stuff for tomorrow at least since I am getting a bit overwhelmed this past week.

Let's start with Holly Jaymes' Protector's Promise:

Protector's Promise by Holly Jaymes

"He Had One Job: Protect Me... He Ended Up Marrying Me!"

Asher Spears is everything I hate about men. Arrogant, Immature, Liar, Judgemental, Jerk!.

My enemy.

But now I need him more than ever.
Being a celebrity comes with a lot of unwanted attention.
I am being stalked and I need professional help.
Asher is my only option even though I hate him enough to punch him in the eye.
I don't know why I can't stand him so much.
Maybe it's the tattoos, the leather jacket... the Greek God body.
But now, seeing him protecting me, and watching over me with his piercing green eyes…
He makes me feel so safe.

I want his arms around me.
I want his lips on mine.
I want one earth shaking night...

I woke up next to him… with a matching wedding ring on both of our fingers.
How the h*ll did that happen?

Kiss and Makeup by Alison Kent

He can give her what she needs but is the price too high?

Shandi Fossey is mixing cocktails at the bar in Hush, the hottest hotel in Manhattan. The place oozes fantasy of the hottest sort but for Shandi, it's a temp gig until she lands her dream job... and it's a lot better than pulling beers at the Thirsty Rattler back home.

Then music producer Quentin Marks walks in and offers to buy her a drink. He's got the connections she needs and can open a lot of doors. So why is the only door she wants to open the one to his room upstairs? And why in the world is she putting a man ahead of her future?

I’m a hacktivist, cleaning up the cesspool of cyberspace one scam artist and troll at a time, and I sometimes bend a few rules to get justice done.

He’s a military man with abs of glory, sworn to uphold the letter of the law no matter its shortcomings. And if he’d known who—or what—I was, I doubt he would’ve banged me at my best friend’s wedding reception.


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