Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-05-27


Finally, after being a ghost for the more than several months. I think I will write for myself again. It is the kind of weird feelings as I know it is so hard to make any money out of this, but continuously being a ghost, I have lost myself. My identity. Like our featured read today from Alexa Mclean:

Fake It Until You Make It.....I Guess It's Easier Said than Done.

Gayle Nash was my one-way ticket to a career.
I can't believe I had never thought of it sooner.
With him by my side, I'd have all the advantages to help me succeed as a sports journalist.
And maybe some people won't like that I slept my way to the top.

But let's get one thing straight here: I only slept with the major league baseball player after he gave me the ring.

Was it amazing? Yes.

Did I wish it meant something more than it did? Also yes.

Because while this engagement of ours might be fake, my feeling for him weren't.
But how was I supposed to tell him as much when there was another girl in the picture?
And that girl wasn't me.
So, what am I supposed to do when I want to transform a fake engagement into a real one?

And would Gayle ever see me as more than the girl next door?

Chocolatier and town newcomer Luke Bradford loves his shop's new home. Mostly because it means he gets to do his new favorite thing every day, which is to lock horns with the feisty beer-brewing beauty next door, both business-wise and otherwise.

But to be fair, in his defense -- Just kidding. He has no defense.

Brewmaster and town sweetheart Dani Dobson is declaring war against her hot, maddening new menace of a neighbor. And his shop. He absolutely started it. She's just picking up the chocolate-covered gauntlet he unintentionally threw down.

The terms? Her business versus his in the arena of romance.

The stakes? Very likely, her heart.

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