Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-06-03

Lots of great romance this week. Check them out and grab the ones you want fast.

Her Mountain Brothers by KC Crowne

Snow or sleet...
A steamy crush on my brother's best friend,
And his equally hot mountain brother...
Kept me warm in ALL the right places.

Someone dear to me mysteriously disappeared.
So I must leave my stunt woman job...
And return to the mountains of Colorado.

Now, I need to rehash the past,
And face the two brothers I've been avoiding for years...
Ryder: Stoic. Patient. And tough.
Wyatt: Exciting.Wild. And dangerous.
We grew up next door to each other,
And they're even more irresistible than I remember.

It seems their desire for me has only grown.
Between days solving a grueling mystery,
And nights bursting with pent-up lust,
I'm more confused than ever.

Will I get through this adventure unscathed?
Or throw all inhibitions aside...
Only to regret ever returning to this mountain town?

Filthy Beast by BB Hamel

After leaving the military, I move to L.A. and end up working as an actor on action movies, putting my SEAL skills to good use.

That’s how I find her again...


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