Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-06-07

What a day... scratched my car on a parking stall wall. Anyway, life moves on with or without the dent and the Book Scavenger Hunt must go on for a beautiful Friday. I guess the scratches and dents are car thief deterrent, so it is a feature to stay :)

 Well, at it is not a baby mistake like the one done by author Lindsey Hart. Check out this awesome romantic story.

They are sworn enemies but she's having his baby.

I have had enough of men. They are just pig-headed a*sholes.

I have had enough of women. They are just schemey little b*tches after my billion-dollar empire.

I’m pregos. Who said you needed a man to do the job. Artificial insemination works just fine.

When I find out my sp*rm was inseminated into a woman by mistake, I know there will be hell to pay. But worst of it all is when I find out the mother of my baby is none other than the very woman who hates my guts and who for some reason, just makes my stick misbehave, in a very bad way.

Daddy’s going to open you like a good book.

I can’t stop staring at my new professor.
Gorgeous and brilliant, I can't pay attention in class.
I'm too busy picturing him bending me over his desk.
Jason Turner is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.
When he wants me to join his group of special students, I can’t turn him down.
And when he wants me naked in his office, I do exactly what he says.
He’s serious in the classroom.
But in the bedroom, he drives me absolutely wild.
We can’t have this relationship.
It’s threatening his career.
But I can’t keep my hands off my Professor Daddy.
And he’s not about to let me go.

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