Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-06-28

It is a little crazy today because we may have a newcomer signing up under our publishing business. First ever and I am not yet sure if it will come through but most likely if he signs up, I will change my logo to Tia Wylder and families ^_^

Anyway, he is a younger writer so the short read will probably be about the latest trends for younger generations, but we will keep the theme focus on anything hot and spicy for sure because that's what you and me love the most.

We have a big scavenger hunts today, and like always, you want to go through these quickly because I am sure how long each authors setup the free period to be. And some may be discounted as well but price may change. Let's start with today's main feature from my very good friend Chloe Fischer. She has just released this amazing box set and I don't think you should miss this. I put it up before but I will show it again just for some new readers in my reader group.

The next generation of power…

“She has no idea how powerfuland bossyI can be.” -Jameson 
“She thinks she can steal from me and get away with it? Not happening.” -Roan
“I’ll kill to protect her. Because she belongs to me.” -Coy
“Damn, he hurt me bad. How can I ever forgive him?” - Audrey
“He's my enemy. How will I ever trust him?” - Kimberly
“I'm a strong woman - how could I possibly need him so badly?” - Shay

With their unique psychic talents, the cousins in the Conway family fight to protect their mates, while Oculus tries to tear them apart.

And when Oculus reveals their most treacherous secret of all, will the family be strong enough to overcome their pain to fight together?

Sometimes, you have to let fate carve out a path and see where it follows.
But taking that initial leap of faith is difficult when you’ve tumbled in the turmoil of your past and you know just how much it hurts to relive it.

I get it.
I’ve been there.
I’ve made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to the dating department.
And as far as I’m concerned, most men are complete assholes.
So why should I waste my mine?
It’ll always end the same.

Or, at least, that’s what I kept telling myself as I kept my head down and focused on becoming a veterinarian.
Forget them, I repeated over and over again.
You don’t need them.
How many times have you cried for them and they never shed a single tear for you?

Maybe that voice in the back of my head had a point but what’s the point of living if you’re always on your own?
Because, trust me, being alone sucks.
And the constant silence of an empty apartment is a surefire way to insanity.

So, why am I so opposed to Dr. Goodman?
The dreamboat that fell out of the sky and practically landed on my lap due to a little airplane mix up.
Because I’m afraid that he’s going to turn out like every other lowlife that’s ever shown their interest in me.
And I’m not about to get my heart broken by a surgeon even if he knows how to stitch it back together again.
I think I’ll just save myself the pain.

My name is Elijah Scott, and I’m going to be your next president. I’m a rich, ripped, and ready to conquer the campaign trail. When it comes to women, I’m not looking for anything serious. Not now, not ever.

Until I see Meredith.

The sweet little blonde with curves in all the right places. One look into those beautiful blue eyes, and I can’t help imagining how her hips would fit just right in my hands.

I’ll never forget the secret she whispers in my ear: she’s never been with anyone before. She’s a temptation I can’t resist.

She’s fresh out of college, just twenty-two years old and on the campaign trail with me… as a reporter. One leak exposed by Meredith, and my entire future goes up in flames.

As my secrets pile up, I can’t stop fantasizing about Meredith. She’s dangerous, a risk I can’t afford… but her taste, her voice moaning my name over and over… I can’t stop. Worse, I don’t want to watch her walk away.


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