Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-07-19

Ouch, just saw a big fire in a building 2 blocks down where I live... great that firefighter put it out in under 30min. Wish everyone a safe summer. I am off for vacation again so I will be sending you all my next week's email while I am on the trip. Hopefully internet works smoothly. Before I leave this Saturday however, here is the book scavenger hunt for this weekend :)

My new cocky boss is so sure he can claim me as his own.
He says he’ll protect me no matter the consequences.

My body pulsates just thinking about his touch.
But I don’t know if he can accept the dark secrets I’ve had to hide from him.

Secrets like the one I’m carrying inside of me right now…

We agreed to keep things professional.
Keep it all together to honor the contracts and obligations we’ve agreed to.
It’s hard though when I can see the outline of his rock hard abs through his dress shirt.

Or when he touches me in that off-limits way in the copy room…

What will happen when he finds out that he might be answering to the name “Daddy” in 9 months?

Will I gain the world including an amazing protector, or lose everything I’ve worked so hard to create?

Regan Elson is a rising Broadway star at the age of just twenty-seven. But it hasn’t been without sacrifices – her social life is practically non-existent with no room for a boyfriend in her busy schedule. A doctor’s visit throws a curveball into her life plan when she learns her window for getting pregnant has shrunk to just a few more years. No time for a romantic relationship, she instead looks for a suitable baby-daddy before the narrow window slams shut forever. But finding the perfect guy is no easy task.

All the Prince of Liechtenstein, Bastian Von Brandt, wants to do in life is maintain his reputation of being a celebrity playboy. He jets around the world, enjoying life until an accident changes everything. Fighting the obligation to do what his family and country expect of him, Bastian takes matters into his own hands during a visit to New York. Nothing like a royal scandal to shake things up.


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