Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-07-22

Some very hot books this week for you... so make sure you do these at somewhere "safe" lol. Oh well, let's dive in shall we? 

I shouldn’t want Addison this much.
Or at all.
She’s my student, for god’s sake.
But she’s so sweet, so innocent, and so, so, bendable to my every whim.
Her mother wants her to be a doctor, but Addison? She has no idea what she wants.
I’ll help her find out, on one condition: I’m sure as hell going to be a part of it.
Because I need her. I need to touch her, to taste her, to invade her soul the way she’s invaded mine.
Shakespeare said it best. I am her slave, with no choice to tend to her desires. Whatever they may be.

Sex Material…
It’s what I’m known around town for.
A rock-hard body, covered in tattoos with a sizeable bulge that women spend their nights fantasizing about.
Women track me down, needing someone that will take them rough without holding back.
They find me because they need a distraction from reality. They need something to get their mind off of the boyfriend who screwed them over or the job promotion they got passed over on at work.


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