Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-07-29

Water park, water fight, and ... water everything. Just crazy hot here. 

Chloe decides to move into her brother’s house in the city after her mother passed away. Although she is not completely convinced that she belongs to New York City, she doesn’t want to dwell on the memories of her late mother in their old house.

It’s been almost a day, but her brother has still not shown up at the station where he was supposed to pick her up. So, she roams around the city while waiting, and when she gets tired, steps into the cafeteria where a handsome stranger in a suit suddenly approaches and tries to flirt with her.

Knowing that it is not safe to talk to a stranger and afraid that she will actually fall for his bewitching charm, Chloe leaves the place without giving the guy a chance.

Who is this corporate guy that will completely make her heart melt and how is he related to her brother, by the way? Will she still be able to resist the unexplainable connection she had with this hottie next time?

Four gorgeous college football players changed this art student’s world forever.
They make me tremble, beg for more—and they inspire my artist’s soul.
I belong to them now. And I’m never turning back...

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