Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-08-02

Where is it? Oh, 4 millionth place on Amazon... getting on to the front page of Amazon has been super difficult for me. No wonder, many of the free books that's consistently ranked in the first 100 are from familiar authors (most of the time). This has made book scavenger hunt much harder these days but I will keep going for as long as you guys are reading this blog post. 

When steadfast and beefy Connor Williams meets aspiring writer Alice Hart, he is completely enamored by her sensual beauty. Alice’s brimming creativity inspires Connor to pursue his dream of becoming a cop. But when Alice’s career forces her involvement in criminal activity, Connor must face choosing between true love and reality.

After Alice is thrown into a pit of mobster activity, she meets a handsome and mysterious man by the name of “Julian.” Both men inadvertently find themselves attracted to the young and feisty Alice. But when the criminal underbelly finds her in more danger than they initially thought—which of the young bachelors will find themselves coming to her rescue?

Don’t be shy, I know what you need.

I’m a killer that f**ks hard and lives harder. The scars on my ripped body tell all about my rough life. Women want more, but one night is enough to satisfy their desires. I can’t risk letting them get close.

Until I meet her, Amelia Jones.

She’s gorgeous with an innocent smile that makes my blood boil. Her dirty looks are practically inviting me to take her. She knows how I can make her feel.

When I kill her abusive father right in front of her, I have to choose. I don’t leave witnesses, but I don’t hurt innocent people.

I decide to spare her life and take her as my prize. I can’t help myself when I feel that soft skin under my rough hands.

I may have kept her, but I can’t risk letting her have the freedom she craves. I’ll lock her up until she begs me to keep her forever.

I'll give her what she needs once she's down on her knees.


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