Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-08-05

What a great weekend! Instead of going to the beach this week, I stayed in my writer's dungeon and catching up on my delayed word counts... Well, the plus side is there were lots of good bargains I have found and I don't think you should miss these. Good luck to your book searching ^_^

Nanny for hire!
Package includes taking care of your kid,
And making you fall in love...

That's practically what Miranda advertised when she walked in.
Recommended by my assistant, I had to take her up.
With my last nanny walking out on me on same day's notice,
She was nothing more than a saving grace.
Ever since the split with my crazy, druggy ex-wife,
I thought no woman could ever be fit to care for Cole.
And now I think I've found a permanent match, for him and me.

But my son already loves her...
And I think I do too.

He was my one-night stand.
Disappeared after we got down and dirty.
Stupid? Check. Reckless?
You tell me...


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