Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-08-16




Oh.. yeah finally... KW and I have figured out how to create a way to share some of the best books we have found on the main page of his seemly-never-get-done online store. We will try to setup something maybe next week and will let you know if it works so some of you can give it a try. Well Summer is about to end so does my micro-vacations, but good news is that it seems there are more new good reads to suggest to you. And if you are new and never tried playing my book scavenger hunt game, give this a try as it is always a blend of some free sheet-burning romance stories I dug up while I research for my own writings.

My new cocky boss is so sure he can claim me as his own.
He says he’ll protect me no matter the consequences.
My body pulsates just thinking about his touch.
But I don’t know if he can accept the dark secrets I’ve had to hide from him.
Secrets like the one I’m carrying inside of me right now…
We agreed to keep things professional.
Keep it all together to honor the contracts and obligation

When Dare delivered a sausage pizza, I never knew I’d get such…personal service.
As for the sausage, let’s just say our night was extra spicy.
With Dare though, it’s complicated.
Number one reason why? I’m his young son’s teacher.
A fact neither of us knows until I practically toss my cookies at Dare’s absurdly large feet.
I must have the stomach flu. Right?
Oh so wrong.
Naturally, my being knocked up without a husband is kind of an issue since I teach at a Catholic school.
Then Dare announces that we should get married.
As soon as possible.
And he wants me to be his wife in all ways…

A grieving woman. A reluctant hero. A sweet escape.

It’s been a rough year for Callie Cooper. First there was the break-up of her seven-year relationship, and then her beloved grandmother died. But her grandma left her more than just a grieving heart. Before her death, she booked Callie an all expenses paid trip to Kauai. Eight weeks in Hawaii sounds like the perfect escape…

Chase Edwards is anxious to escape the cold Michigan winter, his tedious job, and his cheating girlfriend. Luckily, he was able to take a much-needed sabbatical on the beautiful island of Kauai. He plans to relax, do some sight-seeing, and avoid women at all costs. But avoiding one woman in particular is easier said than done…

When Callie and Chase meet, they form a reluctant friendship. The more time they spend together the harder it is to deny their attraction. Neither of them wanted to get involved, but once they do there’s no turning back. Will their time together become a fond vacation memory, or do they have a chance at forever?

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