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Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-09-06

Just way too much to handle this first week after Labor Day... school, kids, traffic jams... so we will have a smaller blog this weekend to help me recover from a whole week of madness. But even so, we have some really good romance stories, starting with Lindsey's Claiming Her V-Card.

Why the hell did I ask my boss to pop my cherry!?

Somebody do me a favor, kill me right here, right now, because it seems like my nerdy brain with an IQ of 140 must have short-circuited briefly while I was all alone with him in his office.

And truth be told, everyone knew just how “skilled” he was … in and outside the bedroom (if you know what I mean).
His other name is Mr. Sex-on-two-legs after all.
So, I’ll be honest … I might have wondered a teeny tiny little bit what it would be like to take said skills on a small test drive.

STILL, how could I have wanted him to be my first?!
And all this after having spent all of the past two years hating and ignoring his smart sexy ass.
If I could have kicked his godly buns for every single word I heard out of his dirty mouth without getting fired, I totally would have done that already, like six trillion times over.

So, why the hell did I have to go and offer him my V-Card?
What was I thinking?!! Seriously, someone please put me out of my misery and embarrassment.

BUT you know what’s even worse, he actually accepted - with a big fat evil smirk.
And he stipulated, no turning back.
I was now his to de-flower.
I know … I’m so screwed - like literally.

I'm coming for you, babe. Hold on...

Working as the senator's bodyguard, I overhear some real bad s#%*. The corruption pisses me off, I open my mouth, and stick my nose where it doesn't belong. Because of it, some thugs kidnap my woman.

You got to be f'-n kidding me. These guys are going down, big time.

Drug lords, blackmail, and diplomats join together in this exciting read. Didn't read the first? No worries. You'll love Jack and Blakely as they take you on a roller-coaster ride you won't soon forget.

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