Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-09-09

Doesn't seem like there are lots of free book that's standalone this week but still managed to dig out some good ones for you. 

Four standalone romances for good girls who love bad boys.
Escape into the world of adventure, romance, drama and passion as these bad boys promise to entertain you all night long.

She’s meant to be mine, and this time I’m not letting her go!
I’m done with gold diggers,
And growing my business is all that matters to me.
I spot her at the bar.
She ignites that passion in me…once again!
And I decide to claim her for good.

Forever Yours
Screw him.
My ex was more of a wife beater than a bad boy, and I’m never going back.
But that means I’ve got to be careful.
I can’t let anyone get close. Especially not Ted.

The Promise
Lydia Burns…so damn gorgeous…
My heart stops a beat whenever I see you,
You are the girl of my dreams,
And I’ve always loved you.
So what, if you don’t know it already!
So what, if I have to break all the rules to make you mine!

Coming Together
I always wanted my first time to be perfect,
And with someone with whom I could spend my entire life with.
But work seldom gave me a chance to go out…
Who knew that heading to a childhood friend’s wedding might just be my first meeting with Mr. Right!

In my world, you trust no one.
In my world, family can be the worst enemy of all.
In my world, no one hurts what is mine.

I made a promise: to keep Maya safe at all costs. Now someone has taken her, and she is facing true horror. I will burn this world to the ground in order to save her.
Then once I have her home, I will never let her go again.

He says he wants me to be his, but he won't tell me he loves me.
Ownership, control, these are what he trades in, but I need more.
Making something real from how we began won't be easy, but we can build something beautiful from brutality. We can find our own truth amongst the lies.
Trouble is, we both need to believe in us to make this work, and I'm not sure he does.

This is the final part of the Mafia Vows duet. This is a romantic suspense with dark themes. Please be aware that this contains triggers, plus loss and grief.

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