Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-09-16

Start feeling invading Fall weather? I have a hot stew this week for you; mixed pot of various romance stories of all level of heat. Hopefully you enjoy this issue of Book Scavenger Hunt ^_^

Make money. Save money. Get the hell out of New York.

Those were her plans—until he destroyed her chances.

Annabeth was a statistic. It was something she hated. She’d come from a foster home that had kicked her out as soon as she’d turned eighteen. She didn’t finish high school, but she did manage to get her G.E.D. She worked two jobs just to make ends meet. While her life was far from perfect, she felt like it was finally going the way she wanted, until Markus Conner crashed into her life. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time was always her luck. Now, it looked like her crappy luck had just gotten worse. Markus was not the man she needed to be involved with, and yet, he’s the only one that can keep her safe while also putting her in danger. She was standing in front of two paths.

One: Markus would keep her safe. Two: Markus would be the reason she falls.

Which one will she choose?

Kids adore him. Women pant after him. When he kisses her—she hears the angels sing. But single mom Kate has her hands full as it is. Falling for the hunky single-dad every woman in town is hot for—is not on her to-do list.
So what, if the looks he gives her could melt the North Pole?
She has no plans to get involved with another man who looks like sin on a stick.
But he has other ideas...this Christmas all he wants is her. And nothing and no one will stop him from getting the number one thing on his list.


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