Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-09-20

Besides the Book Scavenger Hunt games that we play each blog, what else would you enjoy from other authors' newsletters and blogs? Make sure you get some of the most romantic stories this time before authors' promotion ends ^_^

By the way, KW has just added my last book now renamed Fire Me, Sweetheart on his hot n spicy store. This one is free for Kindle Unlimited and at a promotion of USD 0.99 so grab it while you can if you don't have KU. If you encounter problem accessing the link please let me know. You can see the book here on the main page of this website

Now let's get to today's Book Scavenger Hunt!

It is a little more adventurous this blog post, so make sure you read Amazon's page before you want to continue with some of the books ^_^

If I have to face another year avoiding the guys at my accounting firm, I’m going to lose my ever-loving mind.

So when I apply for a second job as an instructor at my favorite ski resort, I feel like everything is adding up perfectly. But when the guy interviewing me turns out to be the same guy I mowed down not twenty-four hours ago on the slopes, it seems like the universe really is conspiring against me.

Markus happens to be the yummiest specimen I have ever seen cutting up the powder. He’s irresistible and things between us are hot enough to melt snow. But when his ex-girlfriend shows up, that’s my cue to nope on out of there…

I won’t be put on ice for any man; not even one who fills my dreams and makes me wish I was his own personal snow bunny.

Giving my innocence to a hot stranger is the last thing I should do.
Especially if that stranger is a married man.

He’s the captain of the ship I’m on.
And me?
I’m a YouTube celebrity hosting an event on the cruise.
We’re perfectly wrong for each other.
For one, he’s unavailable.
Two, we have completely opposite personalities.
Resisting him is virtually impossible.
I can’t stop daydreaming about this captain.
I definitely want him in my bed.
Should I think with my head? Or will my heart win in the end?

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