Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-09-27

Looks like so far many of you likes the way that I add the book to the front of the hot n spicy website. KW has been taking much longer to implement his boutique for specialty items, so I have him agreed to let me put my own books and some of my favorite books on the shelf too ... If only I have the time. 


Five years ago, I surrendered my V-card to a man twice my age,
And today he’s back – as my mommy’s fake boyfriend!

Spencer has no clue about how I still feel about him.
Those gray eyes, his tempting touch.
He’s all I want.
And I want him all to myself.
But this will cause a huge scandal,
And scandal’s not something I can afford.
Not when I’ve been hiding a huge secret.

Fate has given us a second chance,
I know, it’s complicated.
But I want to make it simpler.
I want to tell him that he is my baby daddy.
Will he leave my mother for me if I told him the truth?

My name is Wester Lewiston and I guard the bodies of moguls, celebrities, and high-power criminals.

How to get revenge on the billionaire client who got me shot?

Do: Plan to seduce his beautiful wife.

Don't: Accidentally sleep with the wife’s gorgeous twin sister, Olivia. Intelligent, funny, and snarky Olivia who has no fear in going head-to-head with me.

Definitely Don't: Witness Olivia being kidnapped by a drug kingpin's henchman.

Now I've got to save her sexy ass.


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