Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-10-04

Finally we have a few books added onto the main website and cleaned up the stuff that shouldn't be there (empty shelves, gone!) Also trying to fixing some of the book links, excuse if you clicked anything and didn't work previously... probably due to me switched the web hosting service last year... Anyway, we will start today's post with a rock music romance by Amanda Horton:

Banshee used to be America’s top rock band until a stupid card game with ridiculously high stakes blew them apart. They’re my father’s PR firm biggest assets, but they can’t keep the past the past and a public display of animosity turns into a huge disaster. With dad laid up in the hospital, and future earnings on the line, I have one week to clean up this mess. One week or I ruin my father’s firm.

Tobias, our firm’s lawyer, has always been my fantasy and he only gets better with age. His dazzling smile and gentle hands are the perfect contrast to his hard-lawyer public image.

Cole is a playboy with the huge attitude that got the band into this mess - and exactly the sort of mischievous grin I shouldn’t fall for.

Rory is quiet and mysterious. The drummer with a faraway look in his eyes as he stays above the fray stares right through my soul.

Jersey says he owes my dad, but I can’t imagine a man of his talent owing anyone anything. He and Cole have fought over the songs they wrote for years.

And they all want me.

Three handsome, rich and cocky rockstars surround me with my father’s lawyer running interference. They all spark impossible fantasies that keeps my heart racing into the danger zone. Can I handle the heat while trying saving the boys from themselves?

I must lay down the law. But It’s hard to focus on repairing their reputations when their smoldering glances melt my insides. It’s difficult to maintain control when each man angles to get me alone and show off their skills with their hands, and their mouths, and oh—!

This could be a recipe for disaster.

Or for the best week of my life.

 He’s in control, not me. Yet, I’m willing to submit.
He’s claiming me. I know it and want it. In fact, I demand it.

Richard’s my best friend’s brother, and totally off limits.
He’s under the control of his family’s ambitiously demanding patriarch but longs for independence.
His own father thwarts his every move.
He needs a woman to help him overtake his father’s inheritance.
That’s where I come in… as his fake wife.
He asks me to pretend to be married to him, make it appear like we’re a loving couple.
Not a difficult ask when I catch a glimpse of his chiseled body or feel the caress of his hand on my back.
The way he looks at me is blurring the lines between real and pretend.
How far will we go to keep up appearances?
And will my heart stay intact through all of this?

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