Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-10-07

This is going to be a busy week for many readers as a truckload of new good romance stories rolling out on Amazon's platform. While I was researching story ideas, it seems there is a general trend now to move away from Amazon Kindle Unlimited so I am going to give a try as many has ask me before whether I will put books in other online stores. I will now finally give it a shot. Anyway, this will definitely not affect me posting here and introduce you to new stories and authors.

Let's start with Roxy Reid's steamy hot Famously Fake:

I’m fake engaged to my movie star boss.
He’s a billionaire single dad with a secret.

Now we’re play acting the Perfect Hollywood Couple.
He can’t know I’m falling for him.

I know it’s just pretend.
But all those delicious kisses feel soooo real.
His divine body sets my panties on fire.
Is he the perfect man to take my v-card?

Everywhere we turn there’s damn paparazzi.
If the truth comes out we’re both ruined.

But what happens once the faking stops?
Am I gonna regret letting the hottest guy in Hollywood be my first?

I'm falling for my best friend's dad.
Moving back home was never my plan. Except here I am, struggling under my evil step-mom's crushing thumb while I look for work. I feel just like Cinderella, but I never expected my best friend's DAD to be my prince.
He's just as hot now as he was when I was a teen; maybe hotter. He's also rich and powerful, and when he offers me a job working under him at his company... I can't say no. I don't WANT to say no.
All our flirting is bad enough--we can't get caught, my best friend would hate me--but then we go too far.
Hiding our relationship was one thing...
How the hell do I hide a baby?

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