Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-10-18

Veteran's Day is near and for most families this is just another day off to spend time with their families, to be off work and have fun. But for Veteran's family, it is a day to salute to those who served both our families and country, for this reason, I have changed my Facebook banner to honor this special occasion and placed my books relating to military on top post on Facebook also. Let's not forget about the heroes in our everyday life though, let's start from school... 

I rule my entire school, but not my own life. Control is an illusion, a deceitful bitch.
When I see Ellie’s innocent face in the hallways at school, it makes me want to…torment her.
Her upturned nose defies me.
She’s the only one who dares.
What is it about her that makes me want to own her. Control her. Bend her to my will.
But she’s keeping a secret that can destroy me.
Destroy both of us.
Unless I can get to her in time…

Roughrider. Gruff. Alpha.

I have sworn to remain celibate.
My Harley is the one and only loyal woman in my life.
All my work is for the Devil’s Flames.
My brothers. My club. My family.

But being the President of this MC is a tough job.
Zeke suggested I take some time off.
And when I did, I met the woman I could not take my eyes off.
The moment I saw Regan, I knew she belonged to me.
Her touch was just what I needed.
Her perfect smooth figure drives me wild.

But there are some things I need to take care of first.
Those bastards don’t know who they are messing with.
I’m gonna put an end to this madness.
They will feel the Devil’s Flames.
I'll put everything on the line for Regan. She's mine.

I will do everything in my power to protect her, no matter what.


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