Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-10-21

What a satisfying weekend! KW's Liquid Crayon Design service has made a book teaser for me and this is from the perspective of a veteran! A true hero!

Check it out below! ^_^

Well, before we get let's start with Protective Professor by Jillian Riley. 

Physics professor Rosalinda Carlisle has a secret.
Seven years ago, a single night of passion with her brother’s best friend resulted in a son.
She never intended for anyone to find out.
Not even the boy’s father, who was soon after married to another woman.
Except that a very single Nick MacRoberts is now back in town.
Except that he’s now a professor at the same university where Rosalinda teaches.
And of course, she still has a devastatingly huge crush on him.

As secrets are revealed and old flames are rekindled, can Rosalinda dodge the doubts of her past and revive their history together? Only time will tell.

Teaser for Accidental Hero!

I want her down on her knees with my ring on her finger.

She got away once before, but not this time.
This is my last chance. I’ve messed up enough for one lifetime, and I need to get my sh*t together.

Bad boy, bastard, a**hole. I’ve been called it all and deserved it once or twice.
But I’m changing, and I’m starting with her.

Piper’s the producer of my new travel show and my ex-girlfriend. Messed up, right? During a scene in Las Vegas, she gets tricked into signing a real marriage license.

That’s right, she’s my accidental bride, and I plan on keeping her...

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