Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-10-25

So what do you think of the first book trailer for Accidental Hero? It is a test run and need improvement for sure, but I feel I have to start adding unique elements to this newsletter/blog. I am hoping with this new element added, my Dreamer's Newsletter will be more fun to read than static newsletter you generally receive from various authors/publishers.

Ah I should stop this (too excited with this new idea since I finally have an additional element to add to my newsletter. shhhhhh... and a Tia Wylder youtube channel too ^_^

A Halloween party. A chance encounter. A blooming relationship. An explosive demise.
Sounds like a regular college romance, right?
But for me, it was four years of my life I’ll never forget.

I went to that Halloween party a single, curious college girl and left as the apple of a man’s eye.
As Brett’s dedicated little sweet treat.
Four wonderful years… and one night is all that it took.
One night and my life was shattered.
I watched him walk away…

And today, I’m sitting in his billion dollar company interviewing for a job.
Memories resurface, secrets are revealed, and…
I am making the same mistake.
Falling for a cheating, heartbreaking man for a second time.
I shouldn’t be doing this…he’s ex for a reason.
Not only that, he’s my boss!



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