Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-11-08

Today we have lots of goodies hidden in the scavenger hunt. As usual get what you like asap before the promotion ends! Oh... did I mention we have a 122+ free book promotion today? ^_^

I absolutely HATE him.
Don’t ask me why but I asked my brother’s best friend to take my v-card.

Annnnd he refused. Totally, squarely and completely shot me down for even asking him such a thing. Now, ask me again why I hate him.

Ok, so I probably have no right but still, you would totally do the same thing if the arrogant jerk outright laughed and rejected you right in your face.

Now, fast-forward to 3 years later, I’m back in my hometown, all grown-up, not that anyone noticed. And everything is pretty much the same including my brother’s best friend - albeit a couple of billions richer but still the same old A-hole.

And guess what, he will finally give me that one unicorny night that I’ve spent half my life wondering about and that was in exchange for saving his life (don’t even ask me about that).

But this time I’m calling the shots.

Rule #1. It would be only one night.
Rule #2. No one should know.
Rule #3. When it’s over, we are going to pretend it never happened.

Three perfect rules where we both get what we want without anyone finding out.

What could possibly go wrong? Right?

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