Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-11-11

So what is your plan to celebrate Veterans Day? 

Today is the only day we actually appreciate those who protected our nation. My plan is to make more people aware. So far, working with KW and my sister Katrina, we managed to create a few videos for this special day. Here are why we love our fictional soldiers: they are alpha. They are strong. But most importantly, they know how to love. Check it out here:

Well, November is usually busy seasons for authors because of National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. This year however I am going to participate because of two ambitious projects I am doing. One is production of audiobook and videos. You will likely see more videos about books from me and audiobooks are already waiting Amazon's final approval to be live on Audible. Anyway, I will keep you guys updated for sure!

Today we have another FREE book promotion and this one has about 40 authors including myself. Check it out and get what you want asap before promotion ends Nov 20th. Click the banner image below to enter.

Recently I have been reading some shifter romance and find them interesting.

Casey Morgan has a wolf shifter story and if you have time check it out:

Cameron is an alpha wolf shifter with everything he needs.
Except for a mate.

And he’s given up on finding one.
He spends most of his time in wolf form.
It’s easier to avoid human emotions that way.
But then he finds Tabitha by sheer chance.
She’s a human. Or so she thinks.
Looks like it’s up to him to clue her in otherwise.
But all he wants to do is claim her.
For her very first time.
And then maybe they can do something old-fashioned together.
Like join forces to fight off a rival pack.
Their connection has certainly made them physically stronger.
But it’s also lead to more reasons for others to attack them.
Cameron finds himself falling for her.
But he wonders why matters of the heart have to get involved?
The answer seems to be that fate has pre-destined it.

They’re about to find out what this thing called love is all about.
But will it be enough to save them from those out to get them?


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