Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-11-15

A lot of people including my friends, family, readers just don't like social media anymore. Too much pressure. Especially when many of your friends seems to show "good life." My take is that people still love to "social" and what they really dislike is the "media" part. Yes that thing used to be celebrities (or celebrities-wanna-be).

Anyway, what do you think about a closed group on Facebook for readers? 

Today we have some sexy romance to share so make sure you don't miss these. 

It was meant to be a crusade against dating apps…but what Veronica had not counted on was that Joel Marketis had joined the same app. The hot-as-hell footballer Veronica had crushed on in high school. And that he’d ask her out on a date...


Damn Joel Marketis was hot! So why was he asking her out through a dating app? The super hot Patriots footballer didn’t exactly need a dating app to meet women. And if he was like all the rest of the men on those dating apps — players with no manners looking for quick sex — then she wasn't interested. Besides, she was just using the app to prove her point: dating apps have created a terrible hookup culture.

But as the dates get hotter, the clothes come off and the sex gets heated, Veronica may just lose track of her goal…but is Joel as nice as he seems? Or is this just an act to promote the dating app.


Veronica. His high-school crush. A firecracker lawyer to be. A hot-as-hell woman. He hadn’t planned on meeting her through the app. He hadn’t planned on meeting anyone. He has his sexual needs taken care. Thank you very much.

So why is he so attracted? Life of a sportsman with its highs and lows is bringing him down. He is done with one night stands and wants a real woman. Someone he can have a real conversation with. Veronica seems like that person.

Except Veronica is nothing like he expected…and what she does to him between the sheets…ahh….

Ray, a professional marriage husband for hire, waits at the streets of Perkinson for Chander, a Mexican client whom he knows nothing of except her passport photograph. Ray expects his 23rd job to be nothing different from the others. Just a middle-aged woman to accompany, a couple of questions at the magistrate, a signature to append and, most importantly, the 25-dollar pay.
Chander kolaski, a local from Mexico in her late twenties, wishes to acquire a green card under a false marriage contract. She's naïve and, at the same time, not a speaker of the English language... It's a dangerous desire when Ray’s supposed professional job turns out to be clouded by a romantic adventure. Chander, on the other hand, leaves Ray with no flicker of hope.
Ray finds Paris, his friend’s (Stauton) sister. Stauton finds Chander from Ray’s past... What happens when Rays emotions are once again triggered at the sight of Chander... Chander, on the other hand, desires...??

Fame and Fortune Changed him into a Bad Boy with a Big Head

He’d been my first love...and my first lover.
But when Shawn Ryan’s football career took off, so did his ego.
Now he’s made a fumble that could cost him his career.
When he came to me for sensitivity training, I knew this was my chance.
It was my chance to coach the player.
Could he change his playboy ways and go back to being the man I once loved?

Or would I just be another pass in his playbook?.


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