Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-11-18

It is less than two weeks away from Black Friday. Is there any deal hunting places that you must go this year? For sure I will let you know any great steamy romance deals that I find. For those who voted on the social vs no social survey, here is the result in a bar diagram:

Thank you for your input, I won't waste time invest in another social platform other then existing ones that I have. Besides I think I need to reserve some time for my own writing projects (and audiobook projects).

Let's start with this hot sexy read by Roxanne Riley. This story is a little bit of taboo by the make sure you read what's in the description before deciding to dive into the story. For me steamy romance is great as long as it does not go into ero categories then it is fine for me as long as the plot is interesting since I am researching for these details all the time.

It was supposed to be just one night of bliss.
But now they're linked together forever.

When Audrey went out to a friend's bachelorette party, she knew she was in for an eventful night, since Club Ecstasia is where bi-curious partiers hook up. But she never expected that she would end up going home with not one, but two, gorgeous male strangers at once.

She still feels them tugging at her heart the next day but she tells herself the night will forever be just a fond memory of a one-time fling with Elijah and Leon, but nothing more.

Until time passes and a little pink plus sign turns everything upside down.

Audrey isn't sure which one of the two guys from that fun-filled evening is the father, and she doubts either of them would want to be, so she isn't sure she should tell them. Plus, she doesn't even know their last names, so how would she find them?

Meanwhile, Elijah and Leon can't stop thinking about Audrey... and each other.... (you get the idea here... so there is some taboo romantic elements in this story that some may not want to read, but story is interesting nevertheless and i like the cover lol.


A hacker threatens her career. And a Navy SEAL could steal her heart. If he survives his next mission.
A former Navy SEAL, West Sampson can't escape the ghosts from his last mission. The fallen haunt his dreams.

Camilla Delgado lives her nightmare. Wounded in the line of duty, she's trapped by her cane—and her scars.

Cam and West forge a friendship through online gaming, but when West tries to take their relationship to the real world, Cam bolts. She doesn't do charming. Or dating. Or anything but work.

A SEAL never gives up, and West convinces Cam to give him one more shot.

Caught between looming threats and the first stirrings of love, Cam and West have to face their fears, their pain, and their growing desire for one another or risk losing everything.

Sometimes, bravery is admitting you're broken. And broken is beautiful.


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