Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-11-22

This is the hottest season. So much opportunities (and legitimate reasons) to shop  including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Same of us romance dreamers, time to shop for your love (if you haven't got one yet) or shop for that perfect book boyfriend if you just need one. Today we have some of the hottest that you shouldn't miss. Let's start with Baby It's Christmas by Chloe Fischer. 

God, he hurt me so bad.
Who walks out on someone after taking their virginity, and professing their love for her?
Who walks out on someone after proposing?
And who the hell, walks back in, 7 years later, rich as god and famous?

I know we were young – high school seems like forever ago. But still. Who does that?

I don’t care what his reasons were – I can’t, won’t, forgive him.
Because the other thing he walked out on, the thing he doesn’t even know about, is his daughter. And I just can’t take that chance again.
Christmas is the time for miracles to happen, but not this miracle.

Goddamnit, like I didn’t have enough guilt and pain for her leaving her already, now I find out that I left her alone. And pregnant.

What the actual hell am I going to do?

She’ll never be able to understand why I left – and I can never tell her. Her family was perfect. She can’t possibly understand secrets like this.

And now it turns out we have a daughter?
How can I drag both of them to my level? To my side of the tracks?

All I know, is that I’ll do whatever it takes to be the man they need.

Whatever. It. Takes.

I promise, this will be the most magical Christmas of them all.

He was my first love. My only love.
The one that got away.

People say everything happens for a reason.
But I call bullshit—sometimes life just sucks.
After mom’s death, I’m all my brother Nathan has left.
So, we move to the city for a better life.
When he’s almost killed in a motorbike accident, I wonder if I’ve made a mistake.
I’m supposed to protect him!
As medical bills pour in, I’m drowning in debt.
But a new Executive Assistant job could provide the stable future I crave.
Or maybe just dredge up a painful past.
Because my prospective boss is my first love.
My only love.
My biggest regret.
After high school, Liam snuck out of town with nothing more than his truck, his clothes and my broken heart.
I should walk away, but I can’t—I need this job.
I can keep this strictly business.
Pretend my heart doesn’t race with every panty-melting smile. Yeah, right!
Is this just more bad luck?
Or maybe a twist of fate—and a second chance at love?

I need to save her from a gruesome murder.

A killer is on the loose and I’m the only one who can catch him.
Ella’s life is in danger.
She’s the most beautiful thing that’s happened to me this Christmas.
Being a cop in this small town isn’t easy anymore.
And not being able to solve this murder will destroy everything.
Including my career.
But Ella’s safety is my only priority.
Will I be able to protect her?

I will.

Or I’ll die trying.

Fame and Fortune Changed him into a Bad Boy with a Big Head

He’d been my first love...and my first lover.
But when Shawn Ryan’s football career took off, so did his ego.
Now he’s made a fumble that could cost him his career.
When he came to me for sensitivity training, I knew this was my chance.
It was my chance to coach the player.
Could he change his playboy ways and go back to being the man I once loved?

Or would I just be another pass in his playbook?.

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