Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-11-25

Oh yeah... counting down towards my biggest expense week every year. My original plan was to make enough writing/publishing this year that I will have extra $ to spend... but no...actually end up paying more then I made so I better find something economical for Christmas (or something absolute necessary). For the week leading to Black Friday, if I see any good stuff online, I will share with you. 

I am the first She-alpha of my pack.
Ruling over wolves is in my blood.
But some don’t see it that way.
They think my only worth is for breeding.

A rival pack is invading our territory,
And I must show my strength.
By submitting to my greatest weakness….

The alpha of the Wild Grizzly’s MC.


Good girl.
Perpetually single.
After months of blind dates, bad dates and regrettable dates, I gave up
Took myself out of the dating scene
That’s where the dating site A Matched Set came in
Six months to meet the man of my dreams
He’ll be tall and sexy, rich and hung
Yeah, right
My luck was never that good

Former Military.
Single Dad.
After losing my wife, I thought love and marriage were out of the question
But my son decided he wanted a mom
And my meddling brother signed me up on a dating site
Six months to find a woman who’s smart, beautiful, wild in the sack and unimpressed by my money
Yeah right
That unicorn doesn’t exist



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