Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-12-02

Hopefully, you had a great Thanksgiving and bought what you wanted on Black Friday. We had a blast in Seattle where our family gathered from all over the places... some from the East Coast, some from California, and Canada. Didn't get to buy too much but won a hand blender in our family gathering's game. Definitely a great past weekend for me. 

Dante, the vengeful demon underlord, and his nemesis, Arya, the thief who steals his talisman, his daughter, and his heart.
She’s the best thief around. Getting caught is not an option.

One night of scorching-hot passion.
One empty promise that he would return in a week.

That’s all Arya had left to remind her of the demon lord who walked away from her that morning – and never came back.

Well, that, and her daughter, Jasmine. The beautiful child, born into two Deviant worlds.

The two halves of her little soul were fighting for dominance – she wouldn’t live much longer without a powerful talisman.

But the only person with an artifact powerful enough to help her little girl, is Dante - the child’s cruel and heartless father, who had shown Arya the ultimate betrayal.

But it doesn’t matter, because Arya is the most talented thief in the sorceress world – and she’s going to steal the Chasm of Guile.

Right. Out. From. Under. Him.

Screw him.
And he’ll never know. About the talisman - or his daughter.

The rumors about Dante say that he’s a vicious enemy to have…

So Arya will do anything to protect her daughter - including keeping her little girl’s existence a secret from the child’s cold-hearted demon father.

She just can’t get caught…

An omega held against her will.

To protect her, he must win the omega games—or watch her be bred by another.

All my life I’d been a lone wolf.
Drinking, hiding my inner beast.
Then I became second to the Alpha of the Hell’s Wolves MC.
That’s when she came into my life—the omega.
Now my sole purpose is to protect this sexy little wolf.
Even if it violates my alpha’s orders.

Those bastards think they can treat me like a breeding bag.
When the wolf moon comes and I’m in heat,
They’ll hold the omega games—with me as the prize.
What they don’t know is I’ll decide who gets my body, and my heart.
For me, there is only one.
And I need him so bad it hurts.

Drinks + Christmas Party + Lost eye contacts = Flaming Hot Kiss

Except I have no idea who was on the receiving end.
I didn't even see (extreme short-sightedness problems big time).
But it was definitely someone from the office.

New week, new day at work,
Annnnd my lips are still tingling whenever I think about it.
But it’s not like I can kiss every guy in the office,
And see who would turn out to be the charming prince of that night.

Not that I don’t already have enough on my plate as it is,
What with all the shooting glares my hotshot player of a boss keeps directing at me.

Why was he suddenly acting so out of character?
What was he so mad about?
Did I do something wrong?

Did I fax the wrong letter maybe?
Or clip his documents wrong?



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