Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-12-09

So here is what I would like for 2020:

  1. More readers.
  2. More interaction with readers.
  3. More entertainment for readers.

Yes it will all about you and me (together) in 2020.

In the next while, you will see some changes to my website including opening up commenting for those who would like to share the good/bad of stories etc. There will be a few things of course and mostly is to ask everyone not to spoil the fun of the scavenger game.

Today we will start with Lulu Pratt's steamy, smoking hot All He Wants for Christmas.

Hey Santa, I've been a really bad boy this year.

I'm a billionaire whose only concern is the bottom line.
I'm back in my hometown on business and spy Juliet working at the hotel lounge.
She's fun, sassy and I want to bend her over the bar.
We get caught and she loses her job.
To make it up I whisk her away to a tropical paradise.
But it turns out I caused her to lose her previous job when I bought the company.
When she finds out my secret, she leaves me.
However, I've lost my heart to Juliet.
All I want for Christmas is her, wrapped up with a red ribbon and in my arms forever.

Next, we have a fake relationship romance by Jennifer Hartley. Fake relationship romance is one of my favorite subgenre of romance so check out this boxset.

This boxset includes,

Book 1- The Arrangement
Book 2 – The Stronghold Line

Book 1- The Arrangement –
With the Christmas season almost upon them, renowned musician Ramiro and his girlfriend Carmen are busy at work planning his return into the music scene. Just when everything had been going according to plan, the ever-impulsive Ramiro makes a promise in the spirit of the season that would be difficult to fulfill under any circumstances, let alone his own complicated one. With Carmen’s help, Ramiro dreams of overcoming all obstacles and finally becoming the kind of musician he always wanted to be. However, when something unexpected happens, Carmen must keep a secret from Ramiro that has the potential to nip his dream at the bud.
Will Carmen place her trust in Ramiro just as he has?
Or will their plans hit a dead wall?


It’s holiday time.
Jules Carmichael is single.
And her parents are newly divorced.
She doesn’t want to choose which one to stay with for Christmas, so she’d rather spend the holiday alone.
Maybe Santa can bring her a Ryan, like Gosling or Reynolds.
But her handsome boss, Bryan, will do.

Bryan Blakely has been given the ultimate scrooge task.
He’s supposed to let Jules go.
A pink slip right before for the holiday.
Merry freakin’ Christmas.
He wishes he could make it up to her somehow.
The good news? She has an idea, to score an invitation to his family's cabin in Montana.
The bad news? He’s not going to like it.


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