Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-12-13

Lots of goodies today. The comment/review system has delayed because my IT boy couldn't figure out how to get it connected ... so there you go... full of surprises even at the end of the year.

Anyway , let's get the important. Awesome hot romance! Let's start with Romi Hart's MC rough love story, check it out.

Wild. Beast. Untamable.


That’s all I was looking for.
Destroying Jake Hawthorne for killing my sister became my mission.
I wanted to burn him with the Devil’s Flame.
But then came a surprise I had never imagined.
His sister Kira Hawthorne.
A gorgeous woman with perfect smooth curves and sexy eyes.

She hates her brother and everything he stands for.
And that works in my favor.
She is the perfect opportunity for me to draw the rival out.
So I capture her to get his attention.
But that just brought us closer than ever.
And I don’t mind it.

Kira is tempting me.
And I’m just not able to resist the temptation.
I can't wait anymore. No more playing games.
I’ll keep her safe and destroy anyone who means harm to her.

Last year’s only New Year’s resolution: Lose my virginity

Yet, here it is two weeks before Christmas and I’m as pure as snow.

Things look Tiny Tim grim until I find out my billionaire boss—the same billionaire boss I’ve been crushing on all year—signed up for a dating app with the username Scrooge. Perfect! I’m in desperate need of a thorough scrooging.

Unfortunately, he has a strict rule: no dating employees. Ever.

But there’s no way I’d ever have a chance with New York’s most successful hotelier without bending a few rules. So I come up with a plan. And it’s not like I’m really lying. I’m exactly the girl he asked for in his profile.

Besides, I’ve been a very good girl all year. I deserve the chance to be a little naughty. Time to throw away the rulebook and make a few Christmas wishes come true!


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