Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-12-16

So if you haven't noticed KW and I have been working hard tweaking the website... to make it more presentable. Completely not done yet, but we learned more new things exploring various features of the website stuff this past week. As it is approaching the most happy days of a year for us, we are really excited and feel amazing that we have accomplished so much this year. 

We will start this week with a pretty hot half naked Santa insta-everything romance lol 

When my dad’s best friend unexpectedly shows up in our house in the middle of the night, I’m expecting a good reason why he didn’t knock or tell us he was here. But what I really want is to tell him how I’ve felt about him for so long and how his arrival seems like the Christmas gift I never though I’d get, but always hoped for. And I can’t help but wonder if this Christmas will be the first time I give my dad’s best friend the gift I’ve been saving just for him.

It’s been years since this older man has seen me, and when he looks this younger woman up and down it’s clear he can see I’m not a little girl anymore. I want to light up his life, but he’s acting like there’s a dark past threatening to catch up with him.

But what happens when dad’s mafia friend catches me alone? Will his possessive side come out and claim me once and for all, or will he find a way to resist the desire that’s pulling us together? And can my parents resist their nagging suspicion that something is going on between Marco and I, and their urge to tear us apart?

With a dark cloud hanging over Marco’s head, it’s questionable that he’ll even survive…but when he promises me what we have will survive, always, I know that for the first time in my life I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Him.


Buried his reputation and burned his soul. Shattered his heart into a thousand pieces.
And now... He’s out for revenge


I’ve always been that girl, the one you want to be deep down.
The popular one. Idolised and adored, privileged and perfect in every way.

But saints have sins, so I’ve kept mine well hidden.
No one knows the real me. Who I used to be. Who I’ve buried to survive.

I never meant to crush him while I climbed to the top, but he was too easy. Too sweet.

And now he’s back in my life. My study partner and company rival, no less.
He may have grown, buffed up and filled out.
No longer the geeky kid with glasses, but a gorgeous, sculpted to perfection Adonis.

Still the same boy who loved me. Once.

Only now he looks at me with pure hatred.

I ruined his reputation, scarred his soul.
Shattered his heart into a thousand pieces.
He wants his revenge...

But this is my life we’re talking about. This is my future.
I was the one who made his life hell when we were kids at school.
Not now we’re practically adults, at the most prestigious hospitality institute in Europe.

And he might think he knows how to be the bully.
But he hasn’t got the sweetest clue...

How to be wicked.

Not like I do.

Music is Rachel's life. Next week she’ll begin playing cello with the Boston Symphony, which isn’t exactly the kind of musical career she wanted, but her father might finally be proud of her, and she…well, she’ll have music.

She needed one wild night before she moved. Tattooed badass Dylan was in the right place at the right time.

It was supposed to be a blistering no-strings-attached night with a sexy stranger.

Turns out, he wasn’t completely honest about who he really is.

But Rachel's got secrets too.

And the things they’re hiding from each other are explosive enough to burn their lives to ashes.




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