Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-12-20

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Anyway, let's start our weekend with some great spicy romance. Oh yeah... Katy Kaylee's Alpha Daddie collection is awesome ^_^ 

Three sinfully hot and delightfully alpha baby daddies? Yes please.
A three-book box set of standalone, forbidden, older man younger woman romances with a dreamy happily ever after and all the steam to melt your kindle.

Book One: Accidental Dad
Doctor Winters… would you like to be a daddy… my baby daddy?
It would just take one little accident, right?
I… I want a baby,
No, no… I don’t want IVF,
I want it the ‘old fashioned way’.
I want it …. with you, doctor.

Book Two: Forbidden Dad
He’s hot.
Hard muscle, toned abs and the strongest, most irresistible arms…
But he’s 42 years old.
As if that age gap wasn’t enough…
He’s also my best friend’s dad!
I know… She’s going to kill me if she finds out.
But do I care?
Not really.
Her dad will always be my first love…

Book Three: Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad
What do you do when you are seeking an escape via a dating site and the man you meet…
Well, he’s your ex boyfriend’s dad!
In my defense, I did not know it.
I just fell for his… charm…and… his toned abs, and s$xy eyes, and strong arms...
I could go on and on.
Everything’s working out well until my ex shows up…again.

Physics professor Rosalinda Carlisle has a secret.

Seven years ago, a single night of passion with her brother’s best friend resulted in a son.
She never intended for anyone to find out.
Not even the boy’s father, who was soon after married to another woman.
Except that a very single Nick MacRoberts is now back in town.
Except that he’s now a professor at the same university where Rosalinda teaches.
And of course, she still has a devastatingly huge crush on him.

As secrets are revealed and old flames are rekindled, can Rosalinda dodge the doubts of her past and revive their history together? Only time will tell.

Their worlds collide on Bali during a tropical storm evacuation when a terrorist bombing threat is exposed.

Amidst tragedy, Ciara sees a side of Rand she never knew existed. She’s suspected from the start that his life on Bali is not at all what it seems...



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