Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-12-23

This has got to be the busiest week ... literally a dinner party every night and that's after we declined a few due to conflict in our schedules. Anyway, not sure how I made it but I still managed to find some really great hot new adult romance to share with you. Starting from Chloe Fischer's Torment, a bullying romance. 

The next level, after a high school bully romance…
check out this crushing new college bully romance from Chloe Fischer.

She deserves everything I do to her, goddammit.

She’s one of them.

A treacherous, deceitful, slimy reporter.

Everyone knows they’re full of lies and slander. Completely uncaring of who gets hurt by their accusations.

I wasn't able to protect my brother before the accusations and torment of a reporter got him killed, but I’d do everything in my power to take down this reporter.

And I'll take every, single, last ounce of my revenge out on her.

She needs much more than I need her.
In fact, her career rides on whether or not I give her interviews and access to our league-topping college football team. After all, I'm the captain. The star. The one every single reporter needs to be friends with.

And when my heart starts to soften for the look in her baby blue eyes, I just have to harden my resolve – and remember what her kind has taken from me. Everything.

Revenge. That has to be the name of my game.

If you like Brother’s Best Friend Romance, Billionaire Romance, Next Door Neighbor Romance, then this Box Set is for you. All the three Stories are Second Chance Romance Stories.

Book 1: Crushing on Best Friend's Sister
His charm was being used on me.
He was a walking disaster if he got too close.
And he got too close.
Way too close and now I was on fire.
I wanted to tell him to stay, but I couldn't get it out.
He had a girlfriend and I had a fiance.
On top of that, he was my brother's best friend.
Was the chemistry of what I had with Jesse, enough to throw away all of my plans for the last year?
Jesse was, danger and risk. So why was I dying to get closer?

Book 2: Billionaire Boss
Life was good. Everything that I needed was there at the drop of a hat.
I was happy, until the day she joined my office.
Getting a whiff of Amelia, seeing her brilliant smile, was enough to make me see red when I thought my assistant would dare look at her too long.
I hated that I wanted her so badly.
And the worst part was that she wanted someone else.
Dominic was handsome and he had good luck with the ladies.
He said he was monogamous, but it didn’t look like he was a committed man, when he was making Amelia laugh and carry on.
What were the two of them talking about? I really wanted to know.

Book 3: My Next Door Neighbor
Mike is everything that I need to stay away from.
He’s cocky, rude and always has something to say.
He’s the neighbor from hell. I had known Mike for years.
We lived just next door to each other.
And we never missed a chance to bully each other.
I try to ignore the way he looks at me.
I try to ignore the way he makes me feel. Nothing works.
When he sets his sights on me, I can do nothing but give in.
Mike is still the man that has pleased so many.
And the mysterious girl that visits his home at nights.
Why would he give that all up, for me?

I can’t believe I kissed my boss! And I didn’t even know it was him.

When I started my new job as the social media manager for Alchemy Enterprises, I had no idea who my sexy rich “American” management consultant was.

There was something strange about the way he spoke. I felt drawn to him but thought he was hiding something.

He is supposed to be American but he had an foreign accent. Something was off and I had to find out what it was.

Even when I found out who he was I knew he was off limits but I couldn’t resist. Those eyes… that smile… I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right.

I knew I should stop…but could I?


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