Book Scavenger Hunt 2019-12-27

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Hopefully everyone enjoyed a great Christmas this year. For the last blog post, I put in more free promotions than usual and there is no exception for today's post. For those who prepare to binge read through the holidays, I hope this blog helped you save some time digging out that HEA romance you always prefer. Again, get these fast as you can always read them later.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
Attractive, workaholic Joshua is about to leave work to enjoy what precious little time he has left of Christmas Eve when he lays eyes on a mesmerizing creature.

His wicked imagination has her naked on his bed while he does savage and exquisite things to her.

When a strange turn of events has him taking Holly to dinner on Christmas Eve, he couldn't have been happier.

There's only one problem. She's his boss's daughter.

Let it Snow
After a disastrous dinner with her ex-husband, Elle's evening only gets worse when she can't collect her car from the auto shop.

Blake, the mechanic who owns the workshop, refuses to let her take the car without payment.

Can Elle persuade Blake to break his rules just this once, or is this Christmas Eve about to be her loneliest ever?

All we want for Christmas
Lexi and Erin's new husbands have been known to be rather sparing with their money; much to the twins's surprise, their double honeymoon is being held at a hotel in the middle of the mountains.

Each left with an envelope and explicit instructions, the sisters have to follow their new husbands's instructions to the tee...or risk their punishment.

What do these newlyweds have in store for them this Christmas Eve?

Put your feet up and escape to a world dusted with snow and sprinkled with love.

I’ll just admit it right up front—I don’t love the holidays.

In fact, Christmas makes me downright cranky.

Call me the Grinch if you must, but if your dad chose that day to decide he was wrong about that whole wanting a family thing, you’d grow up miffed about mistletoe too. Every candy cane, ugly sweater, and falalalala reminds me of the worst day of my life.

So when my uncle—a bigwig network executive—gives me one last shot to salvage my disastrous TV production career on a show called Holiday Homes, I’ve got no choice but to suck it up, head to the small town of Singletree, and fake festive.

The problem?

Callan Whitewood. The sexy, sullen former pro-soccer player might be the one person on earth who hates the holidays more than I do. After a devastating injury ended his career, he’s left with a limp, no idea what to do with his future, and a cheerless attitude worthy of Ebenezer Scrooge. But I’ve got a TIME LIMIT to convince the gorgeous grump to allow his home to be featured as the pinnacle of the Christmas episode of the show that’s going to save my career.

That is, if I can keep my hands off him… but I’m having a bit of trouble sticking to the task.


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