Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-01-10

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“You’re free to go,” he said. “But trust me, you won’t want to.”

F*ck. This man will be the death of me, he really will.
Of the things that should stay in the past…James Wolff was one of them.
Debonair and bite-my-lip sexy.
He’s made of money and could talk a devout Christian into bed with him.
If only we weren’t perfect for each other, it would make things so much easier…
And then I could leave, and not come crawling back like I do every time.
He’s a man running away from past demons,
And I’m the one who accidentally published all of his dirty secrets.
Before any of this, I was the one helping him through it all.
Now it looks like I’m the bad one.

But If you knew what I knew, would you stay — or would you run?

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