Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-01-17

We have some pretty hot romance to show you the 3rd weekend of 2020 starting with a shifter romance by Abigail Raines. Then we have best selling author Amy Lamont's Holding Her Hero. Don't miss this!

Book 1 - Dragon's Fake Mate

Being a CEO and a dragon has its perks.
I always get what I want.

But there’s something I can’t change on my own.
My bad boy image.
I need to look more responsible in front of the media.
That where Nicole comes in.
She’s a dragon shifter just like I am.
But she’s also my employee.
Perhaps asking her to be my fake girlfriend was a bad idea.
Not a second goes by when I don’t obsess over her.
Turns out, I have to shed my bad boy image for real.
Not just for the media but also for her.
She’s pregnant and I have to be her mate.
Is it too late to convince her to be my partner forever?

Book 2 - Dark Dragon Daddy

I had just escaped the hell of prison when I met her.

I don’t regret having to go behind bars.
It happened the night I was protecting other dragon shifters.,
Dana is a shifter herself.
She’s got a dark past just like I do.
We’re suited for each other. She might be my soulmate.
But I can never give her the thing she wants most.
I lost my humanity in prison.
Will Dana be the woman to bring it back?

Book 3 - Alpha Dragon's Second Chance

Wanting my best friend is wrong.
But Sierra is the only woman I’ve ever loved.

It might be too late to claim her now.
She’s back in town and a new dragon is showing interest in her.
Edward is everything I’m not.
He doesn’t have the same bad boy image that I do.
I need to make Sierra trust me.
I have to make her see the sheer need I have for her.
It’s the only way I’ll win her over.
And I’ll do whatever it takes to push Edward out of the way.

Book 4 - Hit-Man Protector Daddy

I’m in love with a woman who I’ve been hired to kill in cold blood.

How did I even get here?
It all started when I was left on the streets as an orphaned dragon shifter.
Darryl took me in, and I’ve been doing his dirty work ever since.
This is the last job he’s asked me to take care of.
I didn’t think much of it until I met my target.
Laura is beautiful. She’s mother to a lovely little girl.
Killing her would also kill my soul.
It would break my heart.
Can I go through with it?
Or will I risk losing Daryl — the only family I’ve ever known?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Lamont comes a sexy new standalone novel about a hard-hearted Marine and the woman he vowed to hate before he ever set eyes on her.

Losing her fiancé in Army combat nearly killed her, but a cocky Marine could save her…

Pastry chef Mandy Palmer is living on autopilot after the death of her fiancé. Her grandmother’s plea for help offers the sense of purpose she desperately needs. Still, rejoining the living doesn’t mean she’s ready to give her heart to the hunky Marine working by her side to repair her grandmother’s house. She knows better than to risk loving a military man again.

According to helicopter pilot Mitch Taylor, military life and marriage don’t mix. He watched too many of his buddies’ relationships crash and burn to ever consider trying it himself. Of course, when Mandy starts getting under his skin in ways he can’t ignore, he starts questioning his standard operating procedure. Convincing her to give love a second chance is hard enough.

What would it take for her to love an active duty Marine?


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