Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-01-27

DSo surprised by the amount of great selection of spicy romance stories available this time of the year. 

Tamir Stayman's pack is in chaos. His brother, Pax, has been exiled, and Tamir himself is struggling to recover from a silver-inflicted wound that threatens his ability to shift.

The pack's feisty medic, Kenzie Hunter, is doing everything she can to heal his arm, but it's unlike any injury she's ever seen; without the Stayman Pack's normal immunity to silver, the effects of the dangerous metal on a shifter are tricky.

And something is causing the pack to lose their immunity, during the worst timing ever, since the rival Mathis pack closing in on their territory.

Trying to work on stubborn, impatient Pax threatens to drive Kenzie crazy...and so does his rock-hard six pack and the rest of his rippling muscles. Kenzie and Pax have never exactly gotten along, but she's determined to ignore the conflicting feelings of hate and attraction she has for him so she can focus on her job.

Tamir can't help but look at Kenzie, or at least, her curvy body and beautiful eyes, in a new light as she works so hard to help him, but he maintains his tough second-in-command exterior so that he can protect his heart and focus on his pack's well-being.

To top it all off, a mysterious newcomer to the pack named Flint is whispering in their alpha Anson's ear, and Pax is worried that Anson is putting too much trust into this stranger.

Tamir and Kenzie need to work together to defeat the Mathis pack by solving the mysteries behind the pack's weakening immunity, Pax's disappearance, and lone-wolf Flint's possible connection to it all.

Can they resist the sizzling chemistry that draws them together despite their tumultuous history?

Or might the secret to saving their pack from downfall be in realizing that instead of being enemies, they're actually each other's mates?

Indeed, it is great for Addie and her friends to finally go to the beach and have some fun for a while. Their jobs are taking a toll on them, and hanging out together away from the city for a whole week is something they could really use to refresh their minds.
But an unexpected incident will happen to Addie that changes her whole life. Yes, she gets drunk and someone put something in her drinks without her friends noticing. Later that evening, she finds herself getting nailed by someone -- a gorgeous man who gives her an unforgettable moment in bed. That someone happened to be Landon Carter, the handsome and famous bachelor, and one of the few billionaires in the country.
Their one night stand is taped by another sly, mischievous rich guy. Now, Addie’s world is turned upside down as Landon uses the video to blackmail her into a pact that includes him getting to have some fun of his own with her and eventually marrying him out of the blue.
Addie knows it is his intention to completely enslave her to whatever this brash billionaire wants. But she needs to follow his orders to get the tape of her scandal.
She must protect her reputation and let no one can stop her. It’s tricky, but she needs to do it. But first, she has to learn how to escape from his alluring beauty.

Some relationships go far beyond the Hollywood backdrop.

Fake romantic relationships have always been a thread woven into the fabric of Hollywood. In the old days, studios played the matchmaking game simply to promote their movies. Today the game remains the same, only now the stakes are higher and the players ever changing.

The two of us knew what rock bottom looked like and we needed a way out of the rubble before it destroyed our careers and our reputations.

From multiple staged paparazzi appearances and charity polo matches in the Hamptons to romps in the Caribbean and even being seen together at a high-profile celebrity wedding, the plan was simple—an agreement that would benefit all involved.

But, falling in love was never part of the plan.

And for two famous friends, one summer in the Hamptons could change everything.


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