Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-02-07

For those of you missed the previous 170+ free romance book promotion, I have another one today in the email so if you skip the email, go back and check it out ^_^

I also have some very good selection of hot romance in the Book Scavenger Hunt so make sure you don't miss today's game. If you are not sure where to find good stuff, check out the tutorial below (click on the banner to access it).

Today we will start with Summer Brooks' You've Got Male. 

I’ve got male… and it’s a big one.
Chiseled 48-inch chest.
Ripped 32-inch waist.
And 19-inch arms.

Bulging. Veiny. Hard.

The male arrived for my mother, but I have my eyes set on it… set on him.
They call him Ghost.
Maybe because he’s scary.
Owner of a strip club. Former Army man.
A raging biker. Always angry. Alpha as hell.
For me, he’s Jake.
The hot 40-year-old Jake who’s dating (or almost broken up) with my mother who does nothing but make my life a living hell.
She doesn’t deserve him. Never did.
But wanting him might be the greatest sin I’ve ever committed.
It doesn’t help that he stares at me all the time.
And that he’s sitting in my living room right now.
I know what I want, and I want to tell him how I feel.
What should I do to calm my nerves?

I didn’t want to resist her. I had to. 

As a Tremblay brother, I’m loyal to my wolf clan. Which means that I have a set of rules to follow. Rules that wouldn’t let me quench my desire for Michelle. For one, she’s human. Absolutely forbidden. Secondly, I’m her boss. And third, making a move on her would mean betraying my pack. This is nothing but torture. Having to look the other way when she’s all I obsess over. I want to make her mine. Claim every inch of her delicious curves. But when my obsession gets the better of me... I have to pay for what I’ve done.

Michelle is pregnant. 

I’m about to gain a family… does that mean I lose everything else in the process?


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