Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-02-10

Expecting gifts from someone special this Valentine's Day? How about sending awesome romance fictions to your loved ones while supporting romance authors? Then look no further, check out the All Romance Book Fair that's just started today. Save you all the time looking for a decent gift.

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Again this week we have a good selection of romance stories for you to explore and hopefully lucky enough to pick out all the free books as well ^_^

If you are new, don't forget to read my tutorial so you know where to look for goodies (yes they are in the previous blog posts as well so go get 'em!)


Let's start today's post with a MFM romance story. Please note that some scenes are MM so if this is not your thing, head straight to the next book.

Two guys want to just be mine.
Can we all three be valentines?

Gwen Sinclair doesn't do relationships. She'll date, sure, but the moment things get real, she's ready to run. To the world she tries to present a smiling image, but ever since an injury and subsequent condition in high school, she's got too much to hide to let anyone get close. She doesn't want pity and she's too strong to let others take care of her.

A few dates with Zack have been fun, and the heat between them is smoldering. He's got ripped muscles that seem to go for miles, not to mention great skills under the sheets. But she knows she could easily fall for him, so when she meets Adrian, she thinks maybe a dose of another steamy stud will cure that pesky case of feelings before it blooms into a full-blown case of the "L" word.

But now she finds herself torn between growing feelings between them both. To her surprise she also finds that her two f*ck buddies were high school sweethearts.

After years of waiting for Zack to come out, Adrian gave up on being Zack's dirty little secret in the hopes of finding someone who could wear their love with pride.

When the pair is reunited because both of them are seeing Gwen, the spark returns, and it spreads, engulfing the three of them in a blaze they can't contain, but Gwen is afraid that if she gives into it, she's just going to get burned.

To protect her heart and while telling herself that she can't be the one to come in between them, Gwen comes up with a plan to bring the two lost lovers together on Valentine's Day. But it seems they want to keep her in the middle of them quite literally.

Will Gwen be able to take her heart out of this tangle and reconcile the two of them?
Or will they team up and finally take down the walls around her heart?


I no longer believe in fairy tales. But without her love, I'll forever remain a BEAST.

Isabella—Grady Williams is a national treasure, the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, America’s scarred superhero. With tattooed arms sculpted from carrying M-16s, this bad boy has girls begging from sea to shining sea to get a piece of his action.

When my father squanders away my college fund, I make a deal with this dirty-talking Devil Dog—I will pretend to be Grady’s girlfriend for the Marine Corps Ball, and my dad will write Grady’s war memoir.

Grady is fearless. Hell, this badass jumped on a grenade to save his fellow Marines! As much as I crave him, I refuse to allow myself to become addicted to a dangerous man who will detonate my heart.

Grady—Isabella Cuesta is an angel who can see beyond my mangled skin, a pawn used to repay her father’s debt, a woman who makes me feel like a man instead of a monster.

But I no longer believe in fairy tales.

She’s mine until our contract ends. I’ll take her hard and rough, listen to all her hopes and fears, lay down my life to protect her.

This beauty will never let herself love a dangerous man like me—a man who has killed, a man who runs towards gunfire, a man who never backs down from a fight.

But without her love, I’m not a man—I’ll remain forever a beast.


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