Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-02-21

Today's post is FULLY PACKED! Yup... lots of great books to share with you, including a free promotional page from various authors for you to hunt for your dream book boyfriend! Oh, yes... don't forget special promotional stuff are only available inside the email (not in the blog post) ^_^ so go back and get it if you haven't checked it out yet.
For those of you not interested in giving away your emails just to get books or if you have e-readers of any kind, you won't disappoint with today's scavenger hunt post.

Imagine this…
It’s my first day at work.
I see my hot new boss.
The coffee spills on his pants.
I fall to my knees and start tapping his thigh with a napkin.

I know. I know.
I wasn’t thinking straight.
And I haven’t thought straight ever since.
Keeping my hands to myself is hard.
As hard as those abs underneath his tailored suit.
But I have to try.
His daughter is my best friend.
My only friend.
She’ll disown me for sleeping with her dad.
For agreeing to be his Valentine.
For blowing him away… and ending up pregnant.

I lost one mate, I couldn’t stand to lose another. I just wish I could figure out how to resist him. Get this complete boxset including:

1. Dark and Forbidden Luca's Secret baby

2. Miguel's Secret Cub

3. Curse Breaker Friends To Lovers

4. Sara's Dark Secret

Sophia is finally going to college and wants to get it right.

When her mother died, Sophia Piekarz dropped everything so she could help her father run the bakery his father started. Several years later, Sophia looks forward to the day when she'll run the family business, but worries about doing her grandfather's legacy justice.

To her luck, she finds the perfect guy just before the school year starts. Adam is smart, sexy, a gentleman, just what Sophia was missing. But on her first day of classes, she learns something she wasn't expecting. He's her Physics professor!

Now Sophia has to juggle the drama of a relationship that can't happen, with a job at the bakery, and a full plate of college classes!

But hey, at least the professor loved her cinnamon buns!


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