Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-03-02

Last week, some readers told me that their firewall is blocking our website. It is now fixed so hopefully you didn't miss much if you couldn't access the site last week.

We will start with a little kinky MMF romance... but this may not fit everyone's taste. No worries, I am showing it here because I was *just* curious... there are more straight romance in this post, so keep reading…

It has to stay just between us. If anyone finds out, it could ruin everything.

After Jackson loses all he has in a house fire, his estranged father insists he come back home and stay while he gets things in order. Not that it even feels like "home" to Jackson, since he can probably count on one hand the number of times he's set foot in the place.

But maybe having his best friend Trevor back in his daily life will make it feel more like home. The hardest thing for Jackson about leaving his hometown all those years ago had been leaving Trevor, and Jackson's excited to see him again. Well, that is, if Trevor still wants to see him after "The Incident."

Veronica isn't looking forward to having to share a bathroom with Jackson, the mysterious son of her stepfather who is moving in with her mom and stepdad and her for the foreseeable future. But they're unsympathetic and even drag her to the airport to pick him up. While there, she meets a hot guy who sets up a date with her, so at least it wasn't a wasted trip.

Once Jackson arrives, however, Veronica is horrified to find herself devastatingly attracted to his drop-dead gorgeous looks. And she's even more horrified to find out later that the guy she'd set up a date with was his best friend Trevor! Jackson is clearly jealous as hell. But what none of them, including Jackson, can figure out, is who that jealousy is over.

When tragedy strikes and brings all three of them together, they know there's no turning back. They have to take care of each other, in every single way possible, without letting the world know about their forbidden, unconventional relationship.

Will all the secrets and jealousy tear them apart?
Or will they embrace each other to find happiness despite their fears?

I'll fix her… then keep her. 

It starts with healing her body. That sweet skin, that gorgeous smile. She’s my latest physical therapy patient, and I don’t mind stretching her out one bit.

But something’s off with her injury. It doesn’t match her story. When I find out the truth, I know I need to make sure nothing ever hurts her again.

That’s when I make her all mine. Every single inch of her, mine.

But her rich a-hole father isn’t about to let her go. He thinks he can use her as a pawn in his business dealings.

I’m not about to let her get taken advantage of again. She’s mine now, and I don’t let anyone touch what I own.

I don’t care about right or wrong. I only care about her.

Oh yes, if you read this far and not yet seen the FREE giveaways I told you last Friday then you can find it in my email! Yes, the link is the banner for the free promotion in my email instead (not in this blog post).



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