Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-03-06

Today is the day for free romance giveaway! Lots of romance stories for you to download if you just invest sometime to sign up these authors' newsletter. To access the giveaways, you can enter through the email I have sent.
For new steamy romance lovers, check out tutorial (banner down below) on how to play the book scavenger hunt game on this post. You only have to spend a couple minutes and you may discover many free romance stories for you to read! Two things we aim for the free books inside the game/post... that they are:

1. standalone with HEA and
2. high ratings

Because it is a game, it is not as easy as you just click and grab. Part of the list here is not free, but at a great discount for you. Anyway, here is today's first by Taylor Brent:

HELP! I was running from my possessive ex to seek work with the enigmatic Rose Callahan only to find myself fake engaged to a sexy, hot fireman. But, just who was behind this?

Unbeknownst to me, Rose was determined to prove that her matchmaking skills wouldn't fail Roger a second time.

Newly single and heading to Springvale to work at the Callahan's historical brothel turned Inn, Twin Peaks, I couldn't shake off the memory of the one magical night I spent dancing under the stars with Roger.

Why can’t I get him out of my head, even months later?

Was it because of the sweet, attentive way he held me? Or maybe the way his sculpted body felt pressed against my own?

STOP! I warned myself.

My brain says it’s not worth the risk, but my body craves him, and my heart…

Well, my heart might have belonged to him all along.

A historical brothel house. Secret diaries. A crazy ex-boyfriend. A fake engagement and a matchmaker. Can we overcome these obstacles and find our happily ever?


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