Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-03-16

Thank you for all of you wishing us safe from the coronavirus. Yes we are, but we are under self-quarantine just in case. We may not be as speedy as usual to reply your emails, but we will get to your emails, eventually. We also ensure that we provide the best content we can find for you. Yes, we ensure that the hunting of free (and discounted) romance stories continues so we can keep book scavenger hunt entertaining for readers.


Behind every lie hides a terrible truth.

Wealthy, handsome, recently widowed. Mister Sugar was a perfect target for someone like Angel, who would do anything to get hold of his money.

But Mister Sugar isn't the easy prey Angel thought him to be. There's another side to him that's far from sweet.


He's been looking for someone like Angel for a long time.

A new toy.

She should have run when he gave her the chance. Now it's too late.

You've run out of time

What happens when your wealthy, pretentious Italian parents create a contract for you when you turned twenty-one and now a few years later you realize you only have nine months left to fulfill it.

The terms:
Must be married and pregnant by the age of twenty-five.

The catch:
It has to be true love.

All stipulated in the contract.

The problem:
Rica has no boyfriend.
She’s not easy.
She'll be twenty-five in nine months.

What’s NOT in the contract:
Her parents forgot to mention he must be Italian.

Well, at least there’s a little hope. Very little hope.





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