Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-03-30

Can stories be both sweet and steamy hot? Sure they can. We have quite a few stories today for you including our own Fire Me, Sweetheart which we just turned it into Kindle Unlimited! Yes, go grab a copy and start reading if you have the account. By the way my IT friends are now working on adding a menu on top of the page so we can add more functions for easier navigation.

Let's start with JP Comeau's We're Just Friends.

Jake defended me when I was bullied in school.

It’s how we became friends, then best friends.
Everyone thought that we were dating… but nah…

Then one fine day, he picked up his bags and left.
Moved out of town. Became a billionaire.
I read about him in the gossip columns over the years.
I remember one article in particular.
He was holding hands with a woman who looked like
a plastic doll.
I wasn’t jealous.
Not a all.
That’s when I stopped looking. Moved on with my life.
But then the phone rang.
It was him.
That irresistible voice reminded me of my crush.
But we were just friends back in the day.
Could we remain the same now?

The handsome man of my dreams just walked into my real life!

After an accident, my mother has problems with her memory.
Including remembering the fact that my fiancé left me.
She gets belligerent when I try to bring up things she's forgotten.
We're out to lunch when she calls out his name to come join us.
But another man with the same name answers.
I don't want to cause a scene by correcting her.
Plus, the stranger who answered is hot as hell!
And he agrees to play the role to keep my mother calm.
But just one afternoon together isn't enough...





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