Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-04-10

Hey fellow dreamers, how are you doing? For everyone’s safety, please stay home to help your local government cope with COVID19 pandemic. Today we have another big FREE romance giveaway in the email so don't forget to check it out and get what you want fast. We will try our best to bring you enough to read during this tough time. We will start with hot romance from Lea Jade’s Royally Betrayed. This is a shifter romance so if you are not into this genre of romance, you can safely skip and move on further. We have many excellent steamy hot romance stories to share with you today. 

Guarding royalty as a shifter lioness isn't easy.
Not when the assassin who saved your life owns your soul as well as your beast.


As a trained assassin, my mission is simple: Find the evidence. Kill the King.
Only, I didn't expect there to be complications.
Or a fearless lioness on my trail.

An angelic warrior with an intoxicating scent and powerful energy I can't ignore.

My beast craves to take her and make her mine.
She is everything I want and more.
To hell with orders.

But claiming her was a mistake. Hurting her even more so.
Despite the beast inside giving me no choice.

I need to capture her and make her mine once and for all.

Before they destroy us both.


A killer borne of smoke and shadow.
He stalks us, picking my pride off one by one.

My job? To bring him down. This Night Stalker, this Rogue Beast.
And I will.

But I'm not prepared for my lioness to hunger for him so badly.
To burn with desire from just one touch. To obey him so readily.

He thinks because he can command my body, I'll let him into my heart.

But even if he has the power to claim me, to make me his.
I will never betray my pride.

The final hunt is on.


After a year on reality TV, returning to my "real" life as a Philadelphia firefighter is a relief- at least, it would be if my fans would leave me alone. Sofia Rossi isn't one of my fans. Independent, driven and sexy as hell, she's fixated on a task: hooking me up with the mayor's celebrity-obsessed daughter. There's just one catch...I think Sofia's the girl I actually want.


The mayor doesn't understand how much he depends on me to get things done. I don't exactly love my latest assignment- helping his spoiled daughter meet her celebrity crush - but it could be my big chance to prove my worth. Besides, spending time with Derron Bagnoli isn't exactly hard. His easy charm and infectious sense of humor are impossible to resist, but I learned the hard way not to put my heart on the line. Now the career I’ve worked so hard for depends on making him fall in love with someone else.



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